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When a deep space mining operation discovers a huge, mysterious alien marker on a remote planet, the surface colony believes they might have found evidence of divine creation. Soon numerous members of the colony find that they are experiencing symptoms of extreme depression – the only cure is close proximity to The Marker. Religious zealously sweeps the populous, climaxing in a sacrificial mass suicide. Planet Security decides to remove The Marker for the safety of the colony and calls in the space vessel USG Ishimura to transport it away for research.

When Alissa Vincent (Nika Futterman), Chief Security Officer on the Ishimura, arrives she finds herself plunged into a terrifying survival situation. The colony has been ravished by an unknown threat; the removal of The Marker has opened a Pandoraâs Box of horror and unleashed a malevolent alien infection with the unquenchable urge to devour the local prey on humans

DEAD SPACE: DOWNFALL forms the second of three episodes in the DEAD SPACE story. First there was DEAD SPACE: The Comic, penned by Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night) and written by novelist Antony Johnston (Wolverine), who was later commissioned to write the script for the last episode in the franchise the DEAD SPACE: The Game which is available on Xbox 360¨, PLAYSTATION¨ 3 and PC from Halloween 2008

Deadspace downfall Features superb artwork, nerve-racking suspense, blood, guts, aliens and a zero-gravity chainsaw fight DEAD SPACE: DOWNFALL takes survival horror to a gruesome new level.

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